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Personalised Banners  in PVC


Personalised Banners  - Printing

Personalised banners are excellent option for cheap and effective indoor or outdoor advertising. If you are looking for a large format personalised banners, PVC banner printing is the best choice. Typically used for outdoor fairs and market advertising, over the last few years more business are starting to take the advantage of the outdoor effectives of PVC banners.


Pixartprinting's personalised banners  are available in 5 different fabric weights, from flexi- light to highly resistant and durable in order to satisfy a range of situations and requirements. PVC banners are fully custom printed, suitable for use with the most modern ink types, resulting in exceptionally clear prints, with vivid colours and durable in time


Personalised Banners - Sizes

To make your order process easier there is a range of already available sizes, in addition to a personalised size choice which may also be cut to shape, and with the double-sided print. Furthermore, positioning of your personalised banners and fixture application may be fully personalised with either sleeves or eyelets in the suggested number.


If Personalsied banners are not exactly what you are looking for, Pixartprinting has widest range of large printed media for number of different occasions, such as Rigid Media or posters.




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